Useful Facts

Properties of and looking after natural-hair products

A property of wool and natural hair is that they can store up to a third of their own weight without feeling damp. Wool and natural hair therefore lend themselves especially well to getting a good night’s sleep. They are breathable, so you won’t get in a sweat. No harmful chemicals or substances are involved. Our natural-hair blankets are subject to stringent checks and are free from pesticides and chemicals.


The best way to look after natural-hair blankets is to hang them up in a humid place overnight.


Natural-hair blankets should generally not be washed. Should you nevertheless wish to wash your blankets, please observe the following instructions:

How can I wash or clean my natural-hair blanket?

Am besten erholen sich die Naturhaardecken, wenn Sie diese über Nacht bei hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit aushängen. Grundsätzlich werden Naturhaardecken nicht gewaschen. Durch den Restfettgehalt der Naturhaare haben diese eine natürliche Selbstreinigungskraft und sind gegen Verschmutzung und Geruchsbildung geschützt. Sollten Sie jedoch die Decken waschen wollen, beachten Sie bitte folgendes: Die Decken nur einzeln bei schonendem Wollwaschprogramm oder von Hand bis maximal 30°C im Spezialschonwaschgang mit feinem Wollwaschmittel waschen. Die Schleuderzahl auf max. 600 Umdrehungen/Min. einstellen, wir empfehlen jedoch zu 400 Umdrehungen/Min. Naturhaardecken nie in den Trockner legen, da es zu Verfilzungen kommen würde.

How can I wash or clean my faux fur products?

Please wash faux fur products individually using a mild liquid detergent in cold or lukewarm water at up to 30°C. Set the spin speed to at least 600 rpm. Dry flat after washing. Shake the blanket hard to loosen up the pile. Recommendation: To align the pile when dry, place the item in the tumble dryer on the lowest setting for five to ten minutes to loosen it up. This will keep the item fluffy.

Eskimo Original Crochet Throw «Summer Dream»

We use a soft and loosely twisted yarn to achieve the blanket’s unique softness to the touch. The blanket is prewashed, and Eskimo affirms that it will last for a long time if treated correctly. Please note that this natural product tends to initially lose a lot of fluff. However, this will improve considerably after the second or third wash cycle. Tip: After washing, give the blanket a good shake once it is dry.

What detergent is recommended?

Please only ever use mild liquid detergents with all of our products, and preferably detergents not containing optical brightening agents.

Can I use fabric softener?

Please do not use fabric softener with any of our products.

Where can I purchase your products?

Please contact us and we will notify you of your nearest stockists.

Are Eskimo products certified?

All of our wool and natural-hair products are certified in accordance with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.