Katalog ES-2-2022

Let yourself be inspired by our range 2022! In the new catalog you can find design classics such as tartan patterns, casual loden themes, cool waffle piqués, wonderful floral prints, fluffy woolen blankets, stylish knitted blankets and much more.

Customized Throws

CUSTOMIZED THROWS as a gift and thank you for your business partners and employees.
There are many ways to apply your individual touch - you have the choice between - weaving in - embroidering - applying - printing or labeling. Do you have another wish ...? Call us, we will advise you!

That's our Showroom!

Eskimo Quality - Since 1854

Join us in and become a part of our world of textile temptation.

A touch of cashmere as light and as delicate as a feather awakens your senses, colours allow your imagination to bloom – Eskimo products are inspirational ideas which are brimming with emotions! They are a reflection of creativity, highest standards of quality and demonstrate the diverse array of weave structures – unique designs coupled with colourfulness. We aim to offer exclusive designs, innovative and sustainable manufacturing processes and personal and tailored service – all with a great deal of love for our textiles.

The Eskimo Team


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Franco Re

Customer Support


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Our History

The woolen goods factory Schweiz. Wollwarenfabrik Neu-Pfungen is founded by Ferdinand Ernst in 1854. The company processes cotton, wool, silk, camel hair, alpaca wool, llama wool, etc. sourced from all over the world. A number of renowned textile machinery manufacturers such as Sulzer and Rieter are established in Switzerland, as are clothing companies in the Winterthur region which occupy a leading position in the area of fashion. Eskimo is launched as a brand name in 1973 and stands for quality blankets made in Switzerland. Eskimo Textil AG earns itself international renown with its production of in-flight blankets, sleep blankets, travel blankets, throws and children’s blankets, as well as fabrics for uniforms.

Wool factory in Bradford, Yorkshire. Date: 1902

The business activities are consolidated in Turbenthal in 1983. To more effectively leverage the textiles line of business, a classic management buyout is implemented at Eskimo Textil AG in 2013. The textiles division is transferred to Eskitex AG. Since then, the textile products have been designed, developed, produced and distributed by Eskitex AG under the brand name Eskimo Switzerland.

Slow Home-Fashion

We are committed to sustainable and conscious home fashion consumption. We attach importance to the fact that we choose ecological material and an environment friendly production. We use around 80% natural fibres, which are biodegradable and do not pollute the oceans. We also use closed water systems in our manufacturing so that water is reused and colours do not end up in the wastewater.

We also use closed water systems in our manufacturing so that water is reused and colours do not end up in the wastewater. 92% of the products are made in Italy, Lithuania, Germany and the embroidery in Switzerland. We rely on high-quality products that do not lose their shape and colour even after many washes and thus give you inner pleasure for a long time.

This philanthropic approach is our contribution to the common good.

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